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Social Media Marketing

The challenge for business organisations is to reach a larger volume of their target audience through social conversations in a way that converts casual visitors to raving fans.

An effective online word-of-mouth marketing medium, it’s important to get the right message to the desired target audience. Done correctly a brand can quickly gain loyal fans. However, a few derogatory remarks on social media can quickly destroy years of credibility built by a company.

Where Businesses Go Wrong With Social Media

The mistake many businesses make with marketing on social media is to blatantly promote products and services on various channels without winning the confidence and trust of followers.

People visit social media channels to socialise, stay informed and get entertained. The last thing they want is to be bombarded with sales messages from businesses.

Another reason businesses fail with social media is the absence of a capture mechanism to move their followers to an offline database.

Why is this important?

Social media channels by nature are fickle and can shut down a business page (fan page) or group without explanation, often for the most absurd reason. From a sales conversion point of view this can destroy months of credibility building effort of a business and the loss of a valuable database of fans.

The Challenge With Trying to Do It On Your Own

The social media landscape is changing at an astonishing pace. Strategies and tactics which worked a few months ago could have a high probability of failure today. The number of channels is exploding. It’s not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It’s hard to keep up, not with the channel growth but also choosing which ones are effective.

With a view to reducing spam, the rules and regulations of social media channels change constantly. An increasing number of business pages, groups and individual accounts get permanently banned every day.

Without a well-structured social media strategy and implementation plan, any activity on social media can be a huge drain on time, resources and money. While “likes” and “shares” can look great on a profile page, these are merely vanity metrics and if they don’t eventually convert to sales, the whole purpose of a business engaging on social media is meaningless.

How Razz Marketing Can Help You Maximise Returns From Your Investment in Social Media Marketing

Razz Marketing can provide you with a holistic social media marketing solution which will increase customer engagement, create raving fans, drive traffic to your website and most importantly lead to an increase in sales.

Our specific social media marketing services include:

Social Media Campaign Planning:

The plan will be specific to your campaign and also fit within your overall marketing plan. We take pains to ensure the social voice fits in well with your brand strategy.

Designing Your Social Media Properties:

Depending on your needs, we’ll design your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and any other properties so they look appealing and present a unified brand image to your target audience.

Creating engaging content:

Content creation can take a huge chunk of your time every day.  Your followers expect to view your posts regularly and seek out competitors if they find your updates running dry. We can relieve you of the burden for generating content and managing your social media properties, saving you valuable time and manpower which can be used for other important tasks.

Traffic generation through paid ads:

Advertising on social media is one of the most   cost-effective means of driving highly targeted traffic to your landing pages and offers.

Unlike traditional media, advertising on social media channels is a lot more complex. There are several details to be considered such as video ads, native advertising and retargeting.

Without a thorough understanding of social media advertising, any investment is a complete waste of money. Besides, if the advertising guidelines are disregarded, an ad get can rejected and in extreme cases entire accounts can be shut down.

Allocating resource to social media depends on business goals, the target audience and type of industry, product or services being promoted.

Razz Marketing can guide you on the appropriate budget required to plan and execute your social media campaigns. Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end solution, fill skill gaps or want to consult with us, we shall be glad to discuss the available options to help you achieve the outcomes you seek from your social media marketing initiatives.