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Email is an incredible tool to reach and engage with prospects and clients, but there’s just one problem. According to Fortune Magazine, an average person receives 147 emails a day.

The billions of emails being exchanged every day are on a steady rise. According to iContact, an email service provider, 56% of businesses plan to increase their email marketing activity this year.

Despite the volume of emails in cyberspace, the fact is email marketing works…but only if you apply a strategic process to it.

Unfortunately many companies don’t have an email marketing process or system and fail to get the results they seek.

What many companies don’t know is that…

But that doesn’t mean you have to generate seven times more traffic, or submit your link to seven times the amount of directories… it simply means you have to follow up your prospects at seven more intervals for them to finally “tune in” and buy from you.

Everyone knows this of course – and if you didn’t, you’ll need to.

That fact alone may give you an insight into why your current email marketing isn’t working.

The Money Is In the List MYTH…Where the Money Really Lies in Email Marketing

It’s on the lips of every marketing expert, “The Money is in the List”.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Simply having a huge list of names and email addresses does not automatically translate to sales. Many businesses focus on building a large email database without first creating an engagement and monetisation strategy.

The first task for any business should be to create a process on engaging and monetising a list. With a clearly defined process in place the focus can then turn to generating leads.

Two Critical Email Marketing Errors to Avoid

Businesses who fail with their email marketing efforts often make two critical mistakes when they generate leads.

The first critical mistake is that they fail to deploy a follow-up email campaign on autopilot as soon as a prospect opts-in to receive their newsletter or other form of content. Businesses are also inconsistent when sending emails. Many send random emails to their subscribers instead of emailing them at regular intervals.

The second critical mistake is that they fail to segment their list and instead send the same email message to everyone. Not all subscribers are at an identical stage of the buying cycle. Some may be interested but not ready to make a purchase. Others may have an urgent problem which needs to be fixed, and would straightaway respond to an offer for the solution they need.

Providing valuable content through consistent email marketing helps in creating top-of-mind recall for a brand, so when the time is right it’s quite likely a prospect will not look any further when making a purchase decision.

Keeping in contact with clients through content-focused email marketing helps in introducing value-added products and services which complement the initial purchase. This makes it easier to ascend clients up the value ladder by offering higher-end products and services.

Creating Email Marketing Machines for Clients

Razz Marketing helps businesses create automated email marketing machines for different stages of the client engagement process. While we recommend using Infusionsoft as your CRM system, we are comfortable working with your existing systems as well.

We can assist you with:

  • Creating your email marketing plan
  • Generating leads through an opt-in form
  • List segmentation
  • Product launch email campaigns
  • Lead nurture campaigns
  • Reactivation campaigns
  • Content writing for your autoresponder or CRM emails

The outcome you can expect through our email marketing initiatives is to effortlessly transition the leads you generate through opt-in forms to loyal customers who in turn become your raving fans and refer additional business your way.