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Conversion Optimisation

In simple terms, conversion optimisation is about making the most of every dollar in your marketing budget and maximising your return on investment.

The conversion optimisation process involves evaluating components of your website or landing pages sales to identify small changes required to get more prospects buying your products or opting in for more information.

What businesses fail to understand is that by making one small change on a website or landing page, conversions can increase significantly. The change can be as tiny as a new headline, image or price.

The technique we use at Razz Marketing is called A/B testing, where we test two variations of a page, one element at a time. This could be the headline, text, video, image…even the colours of a call-to-action button.

This form of testing takes the guesswork out of deciding exactly what’s required to get more sales online, whether it’s a website redesign or changing the offer.

Conversion optimisation provides businesses the ability to generate more sales without investing additional funds in paid traffic generation until they’re able to rectify whatever is preventing their business from generating sales online.

A little effort invested can easily double long term conversions which means businesses can cut their acquisition costs by half. With online marketing getting increasingly complex and competitive savvy businesses are turning to conversion optimisation to gain a competitive edge and improve profitability.

Now it’s your turn. Why lose out? Get in touch with us and we’ll show you exactly what to do…or do it all for you. Whichever option suits you best.