The Foundry
Case Study
Prestige Agents

Launching a $1 Billion Reputation

When given the responsibility of developing the brand for a man who personally achieved over $1 billion in settled prestige property sales for his clients over a 15 year period, there’s no room for error.

The Project

Michael Kollosche is known for having sold more than $700 million dollars worth of property on just two streets alone, Hedges and Albatross Avenues in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. With a number of prestigious awards and records to his name, Michael has a reputation for unparalleled service which has been achieved through total dedication and attention to detail.

After a number of years off to spend time with family, Michael began planning his return to the industry that he dominated for so many years. His return would be under the name of his new prestige property company, Kollosche Prestige Agents.

His return was guaranteed to make headlines and required a launch that would allow him to pick up where he left off a number of years earlier. We were given the responsibility and the privilege of handling the branding, web development and Google Apps setup for Michael’s new venture.

What We Were Asked To Deliver

Our brief was short and to the point. There had to be absolutely no compromise when it came to delivering a quality product.  The branding, brochures, print ads, property signage and website needed to match the standard of the multi-million dollar properties listed with Prestige Agents.  The brand also needed to be an accurate reflection of Michael’s attention to detail for which he is so well known for.

Take A Look At The End Result