The Foundry
Case Study

Making The Impossible Possible

Over two years of planning and many months of building campaigns in Infusionsoft had already taken place when our client was told by Infusionsoft support that the one feature they had designed their entire business model on wasn’t possible. You can imagine how relieved they were when we told them we did the impossible!

The Project

Expert’s Healthy Choice is an online health and wellness store that creates an easy channel for health and wellness practitioners to deliver the products they recommend to their clients and followers.

At the core of the business is an important relationship between the practitioner and the client.  Without the ability to effectively manage the communication between these two parties, the entire Expert’s Health Choice business would simply collapse.

It wasn’t until well into the development of the project that the owners of Expert’s Healthy Choice found out that a key function they assumed would be a standard feature of Infusionsoft was in fact a quite complex request.  This brought their development to a halt.

What We Were Asked To Deliver

We were asked to explore all possible options.  After a number of weeks of troubleshooting, we found there were in fact a few options.  The trouble was they were all clumsy, messy and in many cases required enough manual processing to make the entire function too expensive to implement on an ongoing basis.

It took some time, but in the end we were able to develop custom code that avoided all the mess and delivered the exact feature that was intended right at the beginning.

The End Result

What we have developed for our client is very closely tied to their USP and considered to be some of their most valuable IP so there is very little we can show you here.

What we can say is that if we were unable to allow their website to communicate with Infusionsoft in this unique way, it would have added many hours of manual work each month.  As their business grew, many hours each month would become many hours each day until the process became unmanageable.

If they decided to drop the function altogether they would have lost one of their biggest selling points which ultimately leads to a loss in potential income.

The result was quite possibly a business saving feature.