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What is branding and why is it important?

Razz Admin. 29.03.2016. Category: Design

Companies should be trying to brand their products and services because the benefits of branding are always long term and promotes loyalty, memorability, familiarity. If the branding checks all the right boxes your marketing expenses in the long run will decrease significantly because your audience is already familiar with you. The ultimate success, is to win the hearts and minds of your customers. Once you’ve done that, you have achieved what is known as ‘brand recognition.’

Design plays an important part in the process of Branding but is not the only thing required for proper branding. Creating a super awesome logo doesn’t mean a lot if the consumer doesn’t have a great perception of the company. Which is why a strategic analysis of the company’s current status and future aspiration mixed up with a good brand design can help build a solid foundation for the brand.

All that sounds good, BUT, the catch here is that the company is not always in direct control of the brand. Branding is a fairly complex subject. Typically the company’s management and the designer are always brainstorming and trying to figure out how to brand the company in a way that will be unique and leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind; but branding also really relies on the perception of the audience.

How do you find out what your audience is thinking about You?

The answer is pretty simple: by doing marketing research—in its simplest form, this could be a survey sent to past customers asking them their perception of the company. The main goal here is to understand your audience and what they think about your company. The next step is how to capitalize on or fix that perception. That’s branding! Being flexible and ready to comply with changing demands of your audience and overall market trends is part of branding. Providing an excellent after sale support is also Branding.

When we start working for a client, the first thing that we keep in mind is that the work we produce is not just about how good the design is. It has a lot to do with the way the design fits into the wider spectrum. For example, does our design compliment the overall theme of the company? Does this design ‘say’ what the company wants to say? In some instances, we don’t even have to make a great “out of the box design”, the number one priority is to create something that will be well received and appreciated by the target market.

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