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10 Reasons for implementing Conversion Rate Optimisation

Razz Admin. 01.03.2016. Category: Online Marketing

# 1: There is always room for improvement

It doesn’t matter matter how well-designed your website is or how many visitors you’re successfully converting into paying customers, it’s more than likely that you can make improvements to each step in your marketing funnel. These small improvements when compounded, will lead to an increase in business activity and decrease in time and money spent on the process of converting them from a prospect to a paying client

#2: Paid advertising is highly competitive and more costly

Spending more time and money on advertising is not the answer, especially if there are glitches in your conversion funnel that need to be fixed. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) works with what you have right now and helps you to identify and deal with those problems first.

#3: Optimization is all about acquiring more of the right kind of customers

We all know it’s not just about converting anyone with an internet connection. You are looking for people who really need your product, will love your product and help you market it by telling everyone they know how great your company and your products are.

#4: It’s essentially free

CRO focuses and capitalizes on traffic you already have. which means you don’t have to spend more money getting more and more visitors to your site, rather just doing a better job of converting them once they have landed on your website. Conversion Rate Optimization increases the return on your present investments, because converting a higher percentage of your current prospects is much more cost-effective than attracting new ones.

#5: It lowers your costs of customer acquisition

Going by the numbers, when you double your conversion rate you are actually halving your cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or how much each new customer costs you.

#6: CRO helps maximize profits

Your profit is tied to your conversion ratio. Since you are not paying more to acquire these conversions, that profit generated goes straight to your bank.

#7: It gives you more money and resources to spend on additional acquisition

Increase in profit means surplus money to scale up your business and spend more on acquiring new users. Plus, it gets easier now since you already know where to spend it because you know which of your funnels are bringing in the cash.

#8: It Increases your over-all market value,makes you more valuable to your affiliates and partners

Not only you earn more, but so will your affiliates and partners—making you more valuable to them. The more profitable you become for your affiliates, the more they will want to promote you over their other affiliate offers.

#9: CRO circumvents the limited attention span of the average visitor

When conversion rate is optimised by professionals your users get what they’re looking for sooner, before they have a chance to find it somewhere else.

#10: Winner take all or the “slight edge” phenomenon

Remember!! all you need to do to be successful is to be slightly better than your competitors. When you optimise your website to present what users need in a slightly better and faster way, even if it’s just a milli-seconds faster, they are going to go with you.
One of the biggest optimisation challenges has very little to do with the website itself, and everything to do with lack of organisational support. Because of this, you might find yourself in a situation where you can’t immediately find out what needs to be tackled.

Our advice for businesses in this situation is to start out small—try to run a few split tests and collect feedback that points out the potential problem in your conversion funnel. We at Razz Marketing work on improving these metrics by utilizing available data through split tests so that ultimately we can demonstrate the value of well implemented CRO techniques and make your online investments and ventures return more money to you and value for your customers.

Give Razz a call today to see how we can optimise the performance of your website.

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